Here’s the Truth, Nothing Changes.

Last January, I celebrated my thirtieth birthday. The weeks prior were filled with feelings of fear, anxiousness, and a small amount of excitement. A few months earlier, I wrote a list of the things I thought I would have accomplished by thirty years of age.

On this list you could find;

Have children

Big wedding

Finish schooling

Buy a house

Start a Charity

Yet, there I was one month out from my thirtieth birthday sitting at home without children and considering going back to school.

A small part of me felt like I had failed, but most of me knew the truth. The truth is, I was a work in progress. At thirty years old, nothing changed. Sure, I had more life experiences, enjoyed more adventures, traveled a little more, even believed I was wiser.

But, I continue to be a work in progress. These same DREAMS ARE STILL ATTAINABLE. Life does not end at thirty.

I celebrated with my friends and family. I had a custom birthday cake and lots of love around me.

But I wondered, why was I fearful of becoming thirty years old? Was it societal norms or peer pressure? Sadly, I had fallen for the one size fits all plan. But, I am no means, one size fits anything type of girl. These are some of my thoughts one month away from another birthday. This time around, there is no list to review.

I figure some young girl will read this. At least, I hope so! Enjoy your life and cherish the moments as they come. There is nothing to fear of becoming older.

So there it is,

The truth, nothing changes.

Keep working on yourself and your dreams

We are all a work in progress…

How do you celebrate birthdays?

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