5 Last Minute Christmas and New Year’s Gift Ideas for my Fellow Procrastinators

Courtesy of Amazon

If you are spending the Christmas holidays away from family this year, then you may be feeling like you are missing out on the intimacy of family togetherness. I saw the Bond Touch Bracelet on Amazon and immediately felt like I needed one. A better idea is to gift the bond bracelet to a best friend, spouse, parents, or someone you are separated from this Christmas. Show you miss them. 

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Courtesy of Amazon

My fondest memories as a child on Christmas Day came after dinner. After eating together, we played board games. In past years we played Monopoly, Scrabble, Dominoes, Family Feud, and Jenga.

Consider KIDS AGAINST MATURITY if you are looking for a board game to add to your family collection or gifting.This board game is unlike the ones I played as a child, but I am definitely considering adding it to my own collection.

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Courtesy of Target

Cold weather is no stranger to us New Yorkers. After our last snowfall accumulation of 24″, we need something to keep us warm. Ember Mug is a perfect gift for the tea lover and coffee drinker amongst you.

Pour a hot cup of cocoa and sip away.

Check it out HERE or TARGET


Whether it is Netflix, HBO, or Hulu, a subscription for streaming services will make a great Christmas gift. Watching our favorite shows and series is just a click away.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

5. Exercise Equipment/ Gears

After the holiday season comes time for New Year’s resolution. Invest in the health of others by contributing to their fitness goals. You can support them- whether saving up for a new Peloton bike or considering the MIRROR Exercise, contributing funds toward exercise equipment or work-out gear is a great Christmas gift for many.

Photo by Anete Lusina on Pexels.com

Merry Christmas to All.

Comment below! You may add suggestions for other readers in the comment section.

Disclaimer: These are my personal suggestions for last minute Christmas gift. There are no affiliate sponsorship. The links provided are for reader’s accessibility only.

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