At the Intersection of Science and Religion-Pt. 2

It’s around 5 am, and I remembered a conversation I had with a friend about religion and healing.

A couple of weeks ago, I talked about religion vs. science. I shared that I believe healing comes from God. I received an email asking me to prove my belief. Here’s the thing, I am proof. The fact that I am alive is proof. Take it or leave. That’s the beauty of life- we get to make the choices in life on what we want to believe. No fussing or fighting.

Okay, back to my story. In late 2019, I had an awesome encounter with a patient. He was diagnosed with metastatic cancer to the spine. He recalled having back pain, which he ignored for months until it was unbearable. He presented to the hospital for care and his imaging showed lytic lesions to multiple vertebrae. His workup revealed prostate cancer as the primary site.

The thing that struck me was not his imaging or diagnosis, it was his outlook on life. I kid you not, I spent over an hour talking to this patient about life, spirituality, and healing.

He explained that he believes the body can heal itself. He practices meditation, mindfulness, acupuncture, and other aspects of “alternative” medicine. He highlighted some personal experiences he had in the past. He truly believed he could beat his diagnosis. His perspective on life was admirable, and well, encouraging.

See, that’s the thing about life, OUR MINDSET dictates our entire life. If you place a pessimistic view on your life, you will see things as such. If you put a positive perspective on an awful situation, you will find a source of strength.

So, after an hour of talking, I turned to walk away, and he asked that I sign his brace (TLSO). I did! It says “really awesome meeting you, best of luck”. Having exchanges such as these are scarce. Moments like these, with such an honest conversation, reveals our need to be understood.

I am not sure where he is today.

Maybe he is doing exceptional, or maybe he has passed away!

His words and our conversation will remain with me forever. This is my hope as well, that somewhere along my journey, I will inspire just one person, and in return be inspired by many.

Share your thoughts on healing? Do you believe in therapy as a tool to help with healing?

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