Day 9& 10- Fasting and Keto Snacking

On Day 9 of my 21 days on Keto, I fasted. My fast was for 24 hours and most of the time I spent sleeping or at work. By evening, after work I didn’t feel much hunger and had a smoothie bowl topped with dark chocolate and coconut flakes and went off to bed.

Ive fasted many times in the past, so this is not unusual for me. Maybe in the future I will get into fasting a little bit more.

Day 10

Guys, I found bread!! Bread is my guilty pleasure and comfort! Can you relate? HAHA

Each slice is 2 g net carbs.

Naturally, after I found this I needed to make avocado toast!!!!

Link for Bread -> Sami’s Bakery Keto-friendly bread.


  • 1/4- 1/2 Avocado
  • Toasted (slice) bread
  • 1TBSP cream cheese
  • Everything bagel seasoning

I toasted a slice of bread, spread some cream cheese, a quarter sliced avocado and sprinkled some EVERYTHING Bagel season. This was absolutely delightful!

Key Points!

  1. I plan on writing a review tomorrow. I have noticed increased in energy and it feels great. Some notable drawbacks as well.
  2. NET CARBs- Bread (2 grams), cream cheese (1 g), Avocado (1 g)

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