Draw Me Closer

Ive often wondered, how much more I can do to develop a closer relationship with others. Whether it is a spouse, a friend, or family member, relationships can change trajectory. If little time is spent cultivating a relationship, then it surely will perish.

Similarly, I believe it is the same with God. The time I set aside to read, pray, and commune with Him, the stronger a relationship will develop. As one week comes to an end and another begins, I encourage each of you to spend some quiet time reflecting on the goodness of God.

Perhaps, you are not a religious person, then I encourage you to reflect on the goodness of your life. Today, you are alive. Today, you survived a busy week. Today, you have friends and family. Today, you can start anew.

Courtesy of Bible App

I share the above prayer with you as an encouragement for today and next week.

Have an awesome day friends!!

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