Day 11- Review First 11 Days of Keto

This is an honest post. A review of the last 11 days of Keto. I was extremely surprised by my experience over the last week.

Firstly, I am new to the Keto diet but heard a fair amount about it from colleagues at work or friends. My expectations were very low. However, I am currently feeling great. I have a lot more energy than I did before I started. I feel lighter and clearer in my thoughts.

Some drawbacks I have to mention

  1. It is really difficult for me to reach my FAT intake. This probably has more to do with my mindset more than anything else. The message that has been perpetuated that FAT=WEIGHT GAIN is a difficult one to break.
  2. I experienced the worse headache on Day 3. I increased water consumption, read about “keto flu” and took in some electrolyte. Headache resolved overnight
  3. The first three days were the hardest, I felt sluggish and fatigue. Very achy.
  4. Currently (Day 7-11), Ive noticed difficulty with falling asleep. I remain very alert and also find it difficult to stay asleep throughout the night.

Plans for next 11 days

I will continue on this journey. Overall, I feel very well and the increase in energy is unbelievable. Additionally, I have lost a few pounds. So its a double win for me!

Will keep you posted


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