Going Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Once I graduated college, my views on life, work, and family changed. The older I become, the stronger my desires are for seeking adventure and new experiences. Oftentimes, I give my parents a heads-up about my adventure, which is met with great concern and fear.

The first time I decided to live in a small town, I drove my mom and me to my job interview. It was about 1.5 hours away from our childhood home. As we traveled to my interview, my mom commented, “wow, this place is too small” or “Is this safe for a young lady?”

When I decided to hike mountains, my parents feared I’ll get lost or fall over the edge. As always, they cautioned “Be careful!.”

I often feel that maybe I am the odd woman, too adventurous for my family. Too risky. A daredevil, at least in their eyes.

However, the truth is, I take pride in breaking barriers and molds. I am told I cannot, then I must!

In past times a friend of mine would say, you can’t go swimming because of your hair (a story for another time), or skiing, or snowboarding. Those words were the ultimate reason for me to do these things. So, this past weekend I went snowboarding. To prove that I can do it.

There is a greater lesson here, a bigger message to share – Do not remain in your comfort zone! Letting your own fears, or the fears of others limit your life experience will lead to your own sense of unfulfillment in life.

This is a lesson I learned the hard way! The older I become, the less I live by the dictation of others. The less I prescribe to societal norms. And truthfully, the more content I am in my life

So, I encourage you today to travel, climb those mountains, ski those trails, snowboard, skydive, bungee jump!

I encourage you to be the representation others seek, but cannot see.

I encourage you to determine what brings you fulfillment, and then…


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