Day 13- Keto Tracking Tips

One of the ways to stay on-track with any dietary change, especially in the beginning is to track your intake and exercise. I have been using the CARB MANAGER APP on my phone for tracking meals, net points, protein, carbs and fats.

Here’s a picture of the Icon

In the app, you are given a break down of three meals and three snacks. for my personal settings it recommends that each snack be about 1 g net carbs and each meal about 3 net carbs

To add a meal or snack, press on the plus sign on the bottom and input what you have eaten. You can also adjust the size and amount by scrolling through the servings sections.

After you have added the meal, a break down of net carbs, fats, proteins and calories will be presented.

If a food is not keto-friendly it will be highlighted red, it is keto in small portion it will appear yellow.

Additionally, there is an option to track your progress. You can input your initial weight and track your weight-loss. Set your goal weight as well.

Let me know if you’ve use this before , or if you’ll give it a try!

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