Sunday Updates- Day 17, On-call and Fasting!

For the next 24 hours, I am on-call and fasting!!! My call shift ends at 6 am on Monday. I have never done 24 hours fast before, so let’s see how this goes. So far, I woke up, worked out for 30 mins and headed into work.

I spent the earlier parts of the morning completing inpatient rounds and discharging patients. I have a surgical case at noon as well, so I’ll be occupied for a couple of hours. I find that if I am busy with work, I do not feel hungry or need to snack.

Additionally, today marks day 17/21 of Keto! I am feeling great, lots of energy. Wednesday will probably be my last Keto based post for this week, as I am heading out of town for a medical conference.

Lastly, I really appreciate all of the new followers, Ive seen many of you are lifestyle coaches, food enthusiast and even Keto specialist! I would love to try some of your recipes.

Comment below, I’ll visit your page and trial any dish of your choice. Very interested in Paleo/ keto meal ideas.

With Much love and respect!


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