Clearly The Superior Gender….

I attended a women college after high school because it was close to my parents so could commute and save on my expenses. I have noticed in certain crowds, when I say All Women, I am immediately labeled as a Feminist! As to say, I made a conscious decision to attend college because I knew and understood the suffrage of all women. But that is simply not true.

I knew nothing of feminism when I started college. The mere word had no representation or meaning in my life at 18 years old. All I knew about being a woman, was my mother. And she was a fine example of a hardworking, dedicated mother. Great wife and supportive friend!

My understanding of Feminism came much later in life. I was in my second and third year of college and I was required to take a course focusing on women’s experiences across the world. Again, not by choice! my interest at that time was Biology, being a teaching assistant, and meeting my friends on the weekend.

However, my experience in the class and the materials we studied tremendously molded my young brain. The questions of “why must women be treated differently” or ” should girls attend school?” grew my fascination. I could not fathom how any of this was optional. In my own world, I was encouraged to study and read. My parents made it a priority. I questioned, why aren’t all parents making this a priority?. Of course, there are cultural, religious differences that dictate norms.

By the time I graduated college, I knew what feminism meant to me. It was the advocacy and representation for all women. It was allowing another women’s experience to be heard without judgment. It was supporting their dreams and aspirations, even if it was never done before. It is saying I can do it and so can you!!

I do not believe women are the superior gender, and for certain I do not believe we are less stronger than men. As we celebrate women’s history month, I celebrate the women that have shaped my life- I celebrate my mother, aunts, and college professors. Each day may we continue to make history!

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