Finding Pleasure

Pleasure is a feeling of happy satisfaction or enjoyment. Often, when we think of the word pleasure, we envisioned doing something fun, or being praised or rewarded. Pleasure, connotes the highest level of happiness, yet I would not liken it unto JOY.

Have you ever consider finding pleasure in service to others. The bible talks of many instances were we are called to serve. To serve the sick, homeless, helpless, lost. How often do we really practice the act of service?

As a medical professional, I consider my career to be one of service. However I want to go beyond work. One of my passion is to serve my community, Dreams Deferred. I envision a great mission trip, with plenty of resource and helpful hands given back to the poor, homeless and sick. The day will come, I am sure. But for now, I want to encourage each of you reading today’s post to consider one act of a giving that provides pleasure to you and to God.

Time may not always be available to go to homeless shelter, or start a volunteer program, but tasks and needs are present right in front of us where we can help other. It may simply be plowing the snow for an elderly neighbor, or watering their plants.

To those new to JAARABlog, I often post a christian base post on Saturdays and a prayer for the next week. If you are not a religious person, I hope my words are simply inspiration. Stay awhile.

Best Regards,


Prayer of the week

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