Sunday Dinner- Creamy Tuscan Chicken and “Pasta”

For Sunday Dinner, I made Tuscan Chicken. It is a very rich, creamy sauce and very delicious! I paired this with “spaghetti”. This pasta has 2 net carbs. It is perfect for a keto, low-carb, paleo lifestyle. In addition, it is perfect for a quick dinner during the week.

Below, I have posted images for spaghetti, so maybe you can shop for it online or in the Whole Food store. The star of this dish is the “pasta”.. and I just wanted to share this with you all!

Let me know if there is interest in the step-by-step method to Creamy Tuscan Chicken recipe in the comment.


Notice- Total carb is 4g- 2g of carbs from fiber (WHICH IS SUBTRACTED) and Now you have 2 NET CARB PASTA SUBSTITUE
Its clumped together due to packaging
Rinsed. Add pasta to sauce/ Tuscan chicken and enjoy

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