10 Steps to Being Your Best Self

We are constantly bombarded with the idea of perfection, through social media, radio stations, and TV advertisement. Often times the emphasis is on your general appearance. But being your best self and showing up as such is much more than your physical attributes and dress. Being your best self from the inside, and feeling confidentContinue reading “10 Steps to Being Your Best Self”

At the Intersection of Science and Religion-Pt. 2

It’s around 5 am, and I remembered a conversation I had with a friend about religion and healing. A couple of weeks ago, I talked about religion vs. science. I shared that I believe healing comes from God. I received an email asking me to prove my belief. Here’s the thing, I am proof. TheContinue reading “At the Intersection of Science and Religion-Pt. 2”

Just Let Me Grieve

I lost my aunt this past week from COVID-19 complications. And, I am trying to explore the process of grieving. Asking myself questions like, is it ok to cry? Should I celebrate the life and legacy or mourn the lost? And even a bigger question- Why her? There are some things we can never reallyContinue reading “Just Let Me Grieve”

What If I Told You Your Doctor Was Depressed…

There he was, curled up in the corner of the room. Sitting by himself. He said no words when questioned about his day. Instead, he wandered off into space, staring through the window. A few friends of ours mentioned he had changed! They said, “he acts different now”. “He won’t come to hang-outs with usContinue reading “What If I Told You Your Doctor Was Depressed…”

I got the COVID-19 vaccine. How You Can Too.

Two vaccines were granted emergency authorization by the FDA. Both companies: Pfizer granted on December 11th, 2020, and Moderna on December 18th, 2020 have available vaccines in distribution. For the last few weeks, I procrastinated about receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. Partly, because I was feeling sick and out of work for a few days. But,Continue reading “I got the COVID-19 vaccine. How You Can Too.”

Pandemic Burnout- We are Tired! So Let’s Talk About it

Often I get emails inviting me to attend healthcare burnout conferences. These emails usually state common reasons for burnout in healthcare and at the very end, a few helpful tips to reduce burnout. Thank you! But, who’s really keeping track of healthcare burnout? Rather, pandemic burnout? Imagine you spent your entire life thinking about how muchContinue reading “Pandemic Burnout- We are Tired! So Let’s Talk About it”

When orthopedics cannot mend the broken..

Over the last six years, I have worked in orthopedic surgery and quite enjoy the experiences and skills acquired through my profession. Why orthopedic surgery? My answer- Why not? The most appealing part of my profession is that I am actively involved in fixing a problem. The outcomes after surgery, especially in the subspecialty ofContinue reading “When orthopedics cannot mend the broken..”