Marriage In The Black Community

I was scrolling through my phone and paused for a moment when I saw a beautiful picture of my parents. For their last wedding anniversary, I organized a photo shoot with a local photographer. The essence of these photos highlighted a lifetime of love, but more so, a lifetime of challenges, trials, victories, failures, argument,Continue reading “Marriage In The Black Community”

Is It OK To Hide Your Past?

Thats it, my friends. My desire for this week’s blog posts are questions based. I have been thinking of general things about life. One of the questions I have wondered is this- Should we hide our past? Often we are proud to share our happiness and victories, but for some reason, we hesitate to shareContinue reading “Is It OK To Hide Your Past?”

The World of Love

There is clearly commercialization of Valentine’s Day and LOVE every 14th of February. Like clockwork, the TV advertisements become loaded with Valentine’s Day ideas. Hallmark cards, chocolate, roses, a gamut of gift ideas start to roll out. I recall being younger and telling my teenage friends that I do not believe in Valentine’s day. MyContinue reading “The World of Love”

The Religion of Love..

For God so love the world, He gave us His only begotten son, that whosoever believes in him shall not perish, but have everlasting life- John 3:16 From a young age, I learnt that the ultimate love, is the love shown by God. It was the act of sacrifice that reinforced the depth of HisContinue reading “The Religion of Love..”

True Friendship vs. Short Friendship

I woke up one day and decided I no longer wanted to be friends with you. It was a sad realization, and quickly I cut my ties. I think a part of me knew our friendship was circling the drain. We had plans to go to a concert the next day, but I was aContinue reading “True Friendship vs. Short Friendship”

10 Steps to Being Your Best Self

We are constantly bombarded with the idea of perfection, through social media, radio stations, and TV advertisement. Often times the emphasis is on your general appearance. But being your best self and showing up as such is much more than your physical attributes and dress. Being your best self from the inside, and feeling confidentContinue reading “10 Steps to Being Your Best Self”

Happy Saturday Friends

If you are new to JAARABLOG, I welcome you with the warmest social distance hug! One of my goals for 2021 is to live an intentional life, additionally you can read the 31 Things I planned for the next year, as I recently celebrated my 31st birthday. So on this awesome Saturday, I encourage youContinue reading “Happy Saturday Friends”

10 Things I wish Someone Told Me Before I Started Blogging

But why no one told me.. So, I started WordPress blogging in December 2019, but I have always enjoyed writing and journaling. JAARA is my personal blog- Sharing my thoughts, helping others through my experiences, and building a community of friends are constant motivators for why I blog. Starting a blog, developing a website, andContinue reading “10 Things I wish Someone Told Me Before I Started Blogging”

At the Intersection of Science and Religion-Pt. 2

It’s around 5 am, and I remembered a conversation I had with a friend about religion and healing. A couple of weeks ago, I talked about religion vs. science. I shared that I believe healing comes from God. I received an email asking me to prove my belief. Here’s the thing, I am proof. TheContinue reading “At the Intersection of Science and Religion-Pt. 2”