Day 2- Keto Salad

Ingredients Spring mix- 2 cups 10 Blueberries 5 Grape Tomatoes 1/2 Hass Avocado 2 TBSP feta cheese Chicken Breast NET CARBs– 7grams of net Carbs Give it a try! Key Points One of the tricky things is, not consuming too much protein to fat ratio. Keto-Friendly diet needs high levels or fat, medium protein, andContinue reading “Day 2- Keto Salad”

31 Goals for My 31st Year of Life

Oh man, I remember feeling extremely anxious and overwhelmed by thoughts of turning 30 years old (more on this later!). Well, that age came and went – HAHAHA. My goals for each year have shifted as I re-evaluate myself, where I am in the present time, and my long-term plans. So, guys, I will celebrateContinue reading “31 Goals for My 31st Year of Life”

At the Intersection of Science and Religion

Wow! Heavy thoughts all week. I have really spent the last week digesting some deeper questions I needed to explore. I started off by examining my purpose this year, spoke on the pandemic and its impact on healthcare workers and today I want to dissect the role of religion on health and wellness. Is thereContinue reading “At the Intersection of Science and Religion”

Honest Review of KETO diet with KETO Bagel Recipe attached!

I was sitting at dinner with a good friend last January and she mentioned that she wanted to try a new diet. She expressed how great it would be to drop a few pounds and live a healthier lifestyle. Her explanation of this diet at the time simply highlighted fewer carbohydrates intake with higher intakeContinue reading “Honest Review of KETO diet with KETO Bagel Recipe attached!”


Listen to me when I tell you my approach to this year is purpose-driven! If 2020, has done anything positive in my life, it has reinforced my need to be INTENTIONAL. To act deliberate, calculated, conscious, intended, planned, preconceived, predetermined, meant, done on purpose!!! I will work intentional So many of my goals for thisContinue reading “Intentional”