Getting Insight- Share Your Thoughts With Us

Thank you for taking the time out to read my posts, share your ideas, and comment/ like. I cannot tell you how much it is appreciated. I really desire to make JAARABLOG a community blog. Below you will find four(4) simple questions I posted. I would love to hear from you. Share how you’re feelingContinue reading “Getting Insight- Share Your Thoughts With Us”

10 Things I wish Someone Told Me Before I Started Blogging

But why no one told me.. So, I started WordPress blogging in December 2019, but I have always enjoyed writing and journaling. JAARA is my personal blog- Sharing my thoughts, helping others through my experiences, and building a community of friends are constant motivators for why I blog. Starting a blog, developing a website, andContinue reading “10 Things I wish Someone Told Me Before I Started Blogging”