Christian Thoughts

I have noticed something about my Christian journey. I was baptized at the age of ten years old and, throughout my life I have decided that I can lean upon the understandings, teachings, principles of Christianity and God as my source of strength, whenever I need it. And in difficult times, I rely heavily onContinue reading “Christian Thoughts”

5 Things No One Tells You, But They Should

Hello Jaara Family. After a nice long break from daily posting and a super hectic work schedule, I have missed you all so terribly. Part of my goals for this new year is being intentional which means paying attention to my body, thoughts and, actions. This growth process is necessary but difficult because you realizeContinue reading “5 Things No One Tells You, But They Should”

Going Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Once I graduated college, my views on life, work, and family changed. The older I become, the stronger my desires are for seeking adventure and new experiences. Oftentimes, I give my parents a heads-up about my adventure, which is met with great concern and fear. The first time I decided to live in a smallContinue reading “Going Beyond Your Comfort Zone”

Is It OK To Hide Your Past?

Thats it, my friends. My desire for this week’s blog posts are questions based. I have been thinking of general things about life. One of the questions I have wondered is this- Should we hide our past? Often we are proud to share our happiness and victories, but for some reason, we hesitate to shareContinue reading “Is It OK To Hide Your Past?”

10 Steps to Being Your Best Self

We are constantly bombarded with the idea of perfection, through social media, radio stations, and TV advertisement. Often times the emphasis is on your general appearance. But being your best self and showing up as such is much more than your physical attributes and dress. Being your best self from the inside, and feeling confidentContinue reading “10 Steps to Being Your Best Self”

Is 2021 the Year to make Changes or NOT?

In my younger days, I looked forward to New Year’s Eve as it represented a time of change and hope. On the 1st of January, I sat down and wrote my New Year’s resolution. On this list, I placed my goals and outlined a rough plan for their accomplishment. Also, I spend the New Year’sContinue reading “Is 2021 the Year to make Changes or NOT?”

Here’s the Truth, Nothing Changes.

Last January, I celebrated my thirtieth birthday. The weeks prior were filled with feelings of fear, anxiousness, and a small amount of excitement. A few months earlier, I wrote a list of the things I thought I would have accomplished by thirty years of age. On this list you could find; Have children Big weddingContinue reading “Here’s the Truth, Nothing Changes.”