Day 4- Jerk Tilapia and Cauliflower Mash

The hardest part of changing my eating habits is the fear of missing out of certain foods. If I can infuse some of my Caribbean flavors into a meal, I am more likely to maintain these dietary lifestyle changes. So for dinner, I tried Jerk Tilapia and cauliflower mash. It was absolutely delicious!!! INGREDIENTS TilapiaContinue reading “Day 4- Jerk Tilapia and Cauliflower Mash”

21 Days of KETO- 3-Ingredient Smoothie Bowl

Over the next 21 days, I will trial KETO recipes and meal ideas. Why 21 days? A study done some years ago showed that it takes twenty-one days to form an habit. I do not truly believe twenty-one days is enough, but it surely depends on the level of commitment of the individual. More recentContinue reading “21 Days of KETO- 3-Ingredient Smoothie Bowl”

Honest Review of KETO diet with KETO Bagel Recipe attached!

I was sitting at dinner with a good friend last January and she mentioned that she wanted to try a new diet. She expressed how great it would be to drop a few pounds and live a healthier lifestyle. Her explanation of this diet at the time simply highlighted fewer carbohydrates intake with higher intakeContinue reading “Honest Review of KETO diet with KETO Bagel Recipe attached!”